* Graduate general practitioners who are well aware of the needs of the community
for medical care, capable of furthering their education, and abiding by the ethics of
the medical profession with the objective of securing curative and preventive medical
* Prepare doctors for post graduate studies to conduct scientific research according
to the needs of development plans.
* Prepare specialists in the different branches of medicine and supply them with
the required knowledge and skills in their field of specialization besides qualifying
some of them to join the teaching staff.
* Enhance the spirit of medical team work among the graduates, and strengthen relations
with relevant health care sectors inside the country and encourage cultural
relations with local and foreign scientific medical institutions.
* Provide curative medical services to a wide section of citizens through the
specialized teaching hospitals.
* Refine students characters intellectually and socially and develop their national
awareness and sense of belonging.
* Participate in continuous academic qualifying sessions and medical training.
* Develop curriculum and teaching methods, examination techniques, write and
translate medical textbooks, unify Arabic medical terms, set and control quality assurance
depending on the opinion of experts, teaching staff and students